Our tax experts have combined experience of over 50 years in all areas of tax.

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We offer a wide range of tax services!

We have been in the tax resolution business for many years and have fixed tax problems for many clients. 

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of tax services!

We have been in the tax resolution business for many years and have fixed tax problems for many clients. 

... and much more

We offer such a large range of services that we could not possibly include them all here. Just because something isn't listed, doesn't mean we can't handle it. 

About Us


We began working in tax resolution when some of our tax preparation clients found themselves in trouble with the IRS. We found a resolution for those clients and to this day they still come to us each year for trusted tax help.

From there, we continued to grow. 

We are operated by an IRS Enrolled Agent who has owned a tax business, in various forms, in the Never River Valley of Virginia since the 1990s. 

We have staff who have hands-on experience in all areas of tax. We can handle individuals, businesses (corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts), self-employed individuals, and all the taxes that go along with them: employment, withholding, sales tax, etc. 

You can be assured that you will receive one-on-one help from us. We do not bait and switch. We do not outsource. We do not delegate tasks to inexperienced workers. We complete our own work. You can always reach us. You can trust our expert advice. 

Our experts are the finest

Client Testimonials

Cliff B.

“...I got behind on my payroll taxes, as well as corporate income tax... I decided to shut the business down... They were able to amend my previously filed tax returns, and remove the corporate income tax liability. They were also able to help me with the payroll tax problem, using a few different strategies. They relieved a lot of stress from my life, and now I use them every year for personal income tax preparation.”

Mike V.

“I’ve used them since the 1990s... I had a problem with the IRS in 2009 that they were also able to help me resolve. Someone I did some work for gave me a 1099. For some reason, the IRS reporting system “hiccuped” and showed me earning this income twice... things are rarely easy when dealing with the IRS. They were able to talk to the IRS and get these issue resolved for me. These guys are great.”

Julie G.

“My husband was a tax protester. He had a business and filed partnership returns but never filed a personal tax return as he felt that we were not liable. He passed away, and I was left with three children and a tax bill nearing $100,000 between federal and two states. They filed returns for the years that I was required to file, and then they were able to negotiate down the debt to just $2,000. I’ve since been able to buy a house, and move on with my life.”


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